Elucid’s goal is to provide high-quality professional consulting services to enable our clients to successfully implement their programs, through one or more of the following ways:

  • Strengthening implementation capacities by establishing operational processes and systems in the areas cited above
  • Providing oversight in the above-mentioned technical areas in line with internationally recognized standards and best practices
  • Providing technical support to implementers on a short- to medium-term basis whilst building capacities to ensure program delivery
  • Supporting planning and budgeting activities for new project concepts as well as existing programs aiming to expand or continue programming activities
  • Adopting risk-based approaches that facilitate the proactive management of implementation challenges
  • Implementing best practices for organizations to ensure sustainable business operations

Elucid aims to offer multi-faceted technical support services from the start to the end of the project cycle. Managed by a solid and cohesive team, a project will benefit from its ability to interface seamlessly across the different technical areas.